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🌱 Flexpa is a DDO

What is a DDO?

A deliberately developmental organization (DDO) is a company that operates on the assumption that adults can grow and that their personal growth is interdependent with the company's bottom line. A DDO creates structures and cultures that challenge and support employees to reveal their weaknesses, transcend their limitations, and learn from their mistakes. A DDO aims to help employees become not only more capable and successful but also more flexible, creative, and resilient in the face of the challenges that the company deliberately sets before them.

Flexpa is a DDO

Flexpa believes that being a DDO is best for our business because it allows us to:

  • Attract and retain like-minded, talented, and motivated people who want to grow and contribute to our mission and vision.
  • Foster a culture of accountability, transparency, and support, where Flexpals can trust each other and give and receive honest feedback.
  • Learn from mistakes and problems and use them as opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of Flexpa’s processes and products.
  • Innovate and adapt to changing customer needs and market conditions by encouraging Flexpals to stretch themselves and explore new possibilities.

DDOs are not for Everyone

At Flexpa, the expectations for Flexpals can pose challenges for those who may not be well-suited to a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO). Our expectations include a commitment to continual learning and development, extending beyond one's comfort zone and current abilities. Fundamental to our culture is the practice of giving and receiving regular, honest feedback, which involves openly sharing personal weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Success at Flexpa is defined not by remaining in a familiar role but by embracing new roles that demand new skills and adaptability. Our job expectations are dynamic and evolve with both the needs of the organization and the individual's growth. Flexpa is ideal for those who seek active growth and learning rather than a place to coast or settle.

Flexpals are expected to:

  • Be willing to expose their inadequacies and blind spots at work and to seek and accept feedback from others.
  • Be open to learning from their own and others' experiences and to apply their learning to their work.
  • Be willing to openly and thoughtfully provide feedback to other Flexpals when asked but also unprompted when observed
  • Be proactive in finding and pursuing development opportunities that align with their personal goals and Flexpa’s business needs.
  • Be collaborative and supportive of other Flexpals, and share their knowledge and skills with their teammates.
  • Be committed to Flexpa’s values, vision, and culture and contribute to its continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Be comfortable giving and receiving feedback in a range of forums, for example, in 1:1 meetings, at quarterly retreats, in retrospective meetings, and asynchronously on Slack, GitHub, and in feedback forms.

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We are Committed to Personal and Professional Excellence

Flexpa's dedication to being a DDO is more than just a business strategy; it's a commitment to fostering a transformative workplace culture.

By expecting every Flexpal to engage in continuous personal and professional growth, embrace vulnerability, and actively pursue development opportunities, Flexpa creates an environment where both the individual and the organization can thrive.

Our approach requires Flexpals to not only focus on their own development but also to contribute to the collective growth and innovation of Flexpa. It's a dynamic, challenging, yet rewarding journey where every Flexpal plays a pivotal role in shaping Flexpa’s future and their own.

The dynamic relationship between the growth of Flexpals and the success of Flexpa is what sets Flexpa apart, making working at Flexpa more than just a job but a home for personal and professional growth and improvement.

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