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πŸš€ Working at Flexpa

At Flexpa, we're making it easy for patients to share their claims, benefit coverage, medications, and other data from health plans. We're a developer-first platform with rich APIs, robust developer documentation, and other tools to help applications to build novel patient and provider experiences powered by claims data.

If you join us in 2022 you will be an early team member and help us shape decisions about what we are building and why, who we hire, and company culture.

Our Pitch to You

  • Flexpa is working in a hard space that matters to everyone. We are all patients or will be. Access to care is personal.
  • Flexpa has experienced founders. We've been through Y Combinator in S15 and W20.
  • Flexpa has support from world-class technologists, investors, and healthcare practitioners.
  • Flexpa has a culture of calm, respect, and a "put the shopping cart back" mentality.
  • Flexpa has clear and competitive compensation. On base pay: we will pay you more than average (by role and location). We target 75th percentile rates for everyone.

Check out open positions here to apply to any role.

Open Roles

You can ask questions at but head to our hiring page to apply

Commonly Asked Questions

Where is Flexpa located?

We all work 100% remotely from home in San Francisco, Toronto, Portland, and a few other cities throughout the US and Canada.

Are you okay with remote employment?

Flexpa is remote first. When we started working together, we were in different cities.

We are okay with remote work in the United States and Canada because we operate in the EST-PST timezones.

Have you raised any money?

Yes. Our first investors include Sam, Jack, and Max Altman’s Apollo Projects, with participation from Tribe Capital led by Arjun Sethi, Village Global led by Erik Torenberg, Ullas Naik, Grivner Capital, BoxOne Ventures and N49P Ventures.

Do you offer benefits for employees?

All full-time employees enjoy:

  • Remote-first work arrangement: We are remote first across the US and Canada. Right now, most of our employees are based in California, New York, Oregon, and Ontario, Canada (but we hope to add a few more states / provinces to the list!). We offer all employees a $1,000 home office credit & a WeWork membership (or membership to a co-working space of their choice).
  • Health Insurance: Flexpa offers a top-tier health, dental, vision, and life insurance package.
  • Retirement Savings: We offer a 401K or RRSP plan and will match every dollar that you contribute up to 6%.
  • Employee Stock Option Plan: All employees receive equity as part of compensation package.

How does the business work?

We help our customers verify health plan coverage, benefits, and claims by directly connecting them to the patient's own controlled access to that data. We are building Flexpa for a patient access future we know is coming and we think we're poised to help.

How big do you think the market is for Flexpa?

Really big. Our use cases span a bunch of hyper-specific healthcare problems (Medicare brokers, health plan selection, patient bill pay) but also wide-ranging topics beyond that core (clinical trials, virtual care providers, and fintech applications). Given the novel nature, we're finding more all the time!

Are you open to bringing on interns for any of your roles?

Not at this time.

What’s the interview process like?

If we interview you, you can expect these milestones:

  1. You meet our hiring manager for the role
  2. You are invited to complete a work sample test
  3. You complete two call with other team members
  4. We speak with two references you provide
  5. We make an offer

We hire candidates of any race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital or family status, disability, Veteran status, and any other status.