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🏠 Remote First

Flexpa is a remote-first company. We’ve intentionally embraced a distributed work model. We believe being remote-first brings numerous benefits to Flexpa. By prioritizing remote work as our primary mode of operation, we have unlocked new opportunities for collaboration, talent acquisition, and work-life balance.

We believe our remote-first approach allows us to access a wider talent pool. We can attract and retain top talent across US & Canada by removing geographic constraints. This diverse workforce brings a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and skills that enrich our company's capabilities. Tapping into a wider talent pool enables us to build a highly skilled and dynamic team, fostering innovation and driving our mission of refactoring healthcare.

We believe being remote-first promotes flexibility and work-life balance among our team. By eliminating daily commutes and offering the freedom to work from anywhere, we empower Flexpals to create a work environment that suits their individual needs. This flexibility drives higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and reduced stress levels. Flexpals can structure their workdays to align with their personal lives, provided they work between Pacific and Eastern time zones, which fosters a happier and more motivated team.

We believe being remote-first drives improved collaboration and communication. Through digital tools and platforms, we ensure seamless and efficient communication among team members regardless of their physical location. We leverage video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management tools to facilitate real-time collaboration, foster transparent communication, and maintain a strong sense of connection and camaraderie. We bias towards fewer meetings and asynchronous, written communication whenever possible to make remote work as effective as possible. Remote work encourages us to adopt thoughtful, transparent, concise communication practices, enhancing productivity, streamlining decision-making, and fostering teamwork.

We believe our remote-first approach has positive environmental implications. We significantly reduce our organization's carbon footprint by minimizing or eliminating the need for daily commuting. Our commitment to remote work aligns with our mission to refactor healthcare, not only for individuals but also for the planet. By embracing remote work as the norm, we contribute to sustainable practices and support the global effort to mitigate climate change.

While we proudly embrace a remote-first approach, we also value the importance of coming together in shared workspaces within the cities we operate in and during our quarterly in-person retreats [link].

We believe being remote-first brings many benefits to Flexpa. As we continue to adapt and grow, we remain committed to refactoring healthcare through a remote-first culture that enables our team to thrive and make a meaningful impact.