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✋ Standups


Being remote first means we don't have the luxury of being able to see each other in person every day. We need to find other ways to communicate not just our progress and goals but also how we're feeling and what's going on in our lives.


Our standup process is asynchronous. We use the #standups channel on Slack.

Every morning by 10AM local time post your standup note (you can do this in advance if you post at the end of the previous day).

To write a standup note, ask yourself the following questions and post your responses:

  • How am I feeling out of 10?
  • What am I focussed on today?
    • What is the most important thing I get done?
    • Am I blocked?
    • Am I going to be unavailable? (i.e "Have an important meeting at 2PM, won't be responsive")
  • What can I share about myself?
    • Am I grateful for something today?
    • What's my favorite thing to do outside of work?
    • What did I dream of doing as a kid?