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🏞️ Retreats

Quarterly in-person retreats are crucial for Flexpa. Every three months, the entire team meets together in person for a three-day retreat that serves as a cornerstone of our company culture. During these retreats, we engage in various activities, including team-building exercises, strategic discussions on our go-to-market and product strategies, and retroing past OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) while finalizing the OKRs for the upcoming quarter. These retreats are instrumental in fostering collaboration, aligning our goals, and propelling our mission forward.

First and foremost, the retreats provide us with team-building opportunities that we otherwise miss out on as a remote team. Being able to connect with each other on a personal level in the same room is invaluable in building stronger ties. We strengthen our relationships, enhance collaboration skills, provide critical process feedback, and build camaraderie. These activities create a cohesive and motivated workforce, which is vital for achieving our mission of refactoring healthcare.

Additionally, the retreats offer us a dedicated space for strategic discussions. With our entire team present, we can tap into the wealth of diverse perspectives from different departments. During Flexpa retreats, we engage in brainstorming sessions, workshops, and in-depth conversations to refine our go-to-market and product strategies. By collectively reviewing our past performance, analyzing market trends, and leveraging our collective intelligence, we can make informed decisions and adapt our approaches. This collaborative approach ensures that our strategies are robust and aligned with our mission.

Lastly, the retreats are a great way to finalize our OKRs for the next quarter. Through comprehensive discussions and input from the entire team, we define ambitious objectives and key results that propel us forward. These goals guide our efforts, helping us measure progress and stay focused on our mission to refactor healthcare. We also vote as a team on the location of the next retreat.

As a remote-first organization, our quarterly in-person retreats are the heartbeat of our operational and cultural framework. Through these retreats, we cultivate a strong sense of camaraderie, nurture collaboration, provide the space for strategic discussions, and align on ambitious objectives to drive our mission of refactoring healthcare. The retreats play an integral role in propelling our company forward, ensuring that we remain focused, motivated, and united in transforming the healthcare landscape forever.


Preparation for a Flexpa Retreat happens at the start of each quarter. As soon as the location for the next retreat is known, we start searching for a place to stay and host the retreat.

By the end of the first month of each quarter, we aim to have the following completed:

  • Housing accommodations booked
  • Flights purchased
  • List of attendees finalized

Housing accommodations must have:

  • 1 room per person (utilizing Airbnb, Vrbo, or other short-term rental platform)
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • A large dining table that seats 10+ people
  • Decent reviews, no red flags
  • Fast wifi speed and reliability
  • Proximity to activities and resources (grocery stores, etc)

By mid-quarter (6 weeks in), we aim to have the following completed:

  • Agenda drafted
  • Shortlist of afternoon/evening activities created

By the end of the second month of the quarter or two weeks before the retreat, we aim to have the following completed:

  • Meals / catering orders submitted and confirmed
  • Finalized Agenda
  • Rough draft of the following quarter’s OKRs

The week following the retreat, we aim to have the following completed: * The decision as to which Flexpal/s will be leading the next retreat * Feedback on each Flexpal has been shared around how they showed up to the retreat