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πŸ“š Cofounders


CEO, Andrew Arruda

Multiple-time founder. Angel investor. Father. Co-founder/CEO ROSS Intelligence (YC S15), Forbes 30 under 30, and TED speaker.

CTO, Joshua Kelly

8-year open source health data dev on projects like FHIR and the β€œquantified self” movement. Previously CTO at Universe, acquired by Live Nation/Ticketmaster in 2015. Led product and tech to grow the company > $100M GTV. Founder/CEO Affiga (YC W20), acquired by OpenUnit (YC W20).

COO, Thomas Hamilton

Led and scaled operations, customer success, sales, marketing and subject matter expert teams as VP, Strategy & Operations and employee #1 at ROSS Intelligence (YC S15). Previously regulatory and commercial lawyer at Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Passionate about health data regulatory reform and value based care.