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πŸ”₯ Referrals

Flexpa wants to hire the best people you’ve ever worked with. The purpose of our referrals program is to bring those people to us. If you have someone in mind who you think is a 11 / 10 candidate for a role, and you bring that candidate to Flexpa, if we end up hiring them Flexpa will issue a $10,000 USD bonus to you.

An 11/10 means you’d be willing to go β€œall-in” if you were to place a bet on their success at Flexpa. This means you’ve worked close enough to this person that you can confidently point to our values when describing the quality of their work, etc

Some ground rules:

  • You must clearly say β€œthis candidate is my referral” before screening conversations or interviews commence.
  • If you are referring the candidate, you cannot participate in the interview process or be involved in the hiring decision.