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🛫 Off-boarding


Ensure that we are ending employment with the appropriate diligence and correctness.


Create an access control request on GitHub marked as "off-boarding" with the appropriate end date (note that in some sensitive circumstances that this should not be done in advance and in general should only be done once announced to the team)

Access Control

You should review the Access Control process at this point to ensure completeness

  • Review with the employee their ongoing commitments to our information security program after employment ends. This can be found within their letter of employment (offer letter) and confidentiality agreements.
  • Make sure the employee signs their confidentiality agreement before their last day of employment
  • File an ROE (Record of Employment) for the employee and ensure you receive e-confirmation afterwards (applies to Canadian employees)


  • Initiate payroll offboarding procedures within the payroll system itself (Gusto for US employee, Humi for Canadian employees). This will require you to set a clear end date and initiate a one-off payroll transaction depending on whether or not the separation is voluntary or involuntary (termination).
  • Coordinate payout any remaining unpaid wages with Chief of Staff or COO. Separation and/or termination laws vary depending on country and state so make sure that the steps taken have been reviewed and approved by US or Canadian counsel. More specifically, confirm that the steps you are taking to terminate the employee meet the minimum requirements for the state, provence, and country the employee resides in.
  • Include $50 as a reimbursement for any shipping supplies needed for equipment return.


  • Coordinate any stock option exercises with Chief of Staff and COO. All stock option agreements are managed and maintained within Carta and are managed alongside CoS, COO, and Canadian Counsel.
  • Employees should be able to exercise their stock options via Carta and follow the steps outlined within the portal.

Company Property

  • Arrange return of all company property (corporate card, laptop) and include a prepaid shipping label as part of their offboarding package.

Vendor Management:

  • Work with the SecOps team (CTO, COO, CoS) to review the Vanta list of vendors and ensure that ownership and admin privileges are reassigned to the appropriate contact before access is terminated.
  • Confirm that payment method is up to date.