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🛫 Off-boarding


Ensure that we are ending employment with the appropriate diligence and correctness.


  • Create an access control request on GitHub marked as "off-boarding" with the appropriate end date (note that in some sensitive circumstances that this should not be done in advance and in general should only be done once announced to the team)

Access Control

You should review the Access Control process at this point to ensure completeness

  • Review with the employee their ongoing commitments to our information security program after employment ends
  • File an ROE (Record of Employment) for the employee (and ensure you receive e-confirmation afterwards)
  • Pay out any remaining unpaid wages (typically referred to as "off-cycle payroll"). Because we handle payroll on a biweekly cycle, unless the employee finished their employment at the right time in the pay cycle (keeping in mind that pay is debited from account AFTER the two weeks are worked) they will often be owed additional pay
  • Formally remove employee from the payroll software we use (NOTE: have the customer support team at the payroll company do this with you, live)
  • Ensure any legal and HR paperwork related to the termination of their employment is filled out (typically this should be automated through our HR platform, but you still need to ensure that it is signed)
  • Arrange return of all company property