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πŸ›¬ Onboarding


We are so excited you’re here and look forward to working together successfully.

This is an onboarding checklist for you to follow (and for the people you're working with to prepare for).

Getting started

  • Once you accept your offer, let us know your mailing address. We’ll be sending you your computer the week before your official start date.
  • Sign your offer letter & employment agreements
  • Confirm receipt of your laptop
  • Complete Gusto or Humi registration (Gusto if you are in the US, Humi if you are in Canada)


Don't be surprised if you encounter a spear phishing attempt during your first few weeks. New employees are an easy target for cybercriminals so be sure to pay close attention to Vanta's cybersecurity training. Mark these emails as unsafe & forward them to the CTO for further evaluation.

Week 1 Goals



  • Participate in the weekly rituals (we’ve sent you invites)
  • Post every morning in #standup how you are feeling and what your focus for the day is


  • Introduce yourself on Slack
  • Meet the team as a group and individually 1:1


  • Ship a first pull request (no matter how small!)
  • Listen to a recent sales engineering call we've recorded (aka a sales call)
  • Listen to a recent solutions engineering call we've recorded (aka a support call)

Week 2 Goals

  • Communicate your 30 / 60 / 90 day plan to the group @ EOW ritual


Really, anyone who joins a new group successfully goes through an evolution that looks like: becoming knowledgeable, becoming productive, and becoming indispensable - meaning that you would be missed if you left! Everything you do beyond this point should target going through this evolution in your first 3 months.