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πŸ” What makes a Flexpal?

Every startup aspires to attract high-performing individuals to their team. However, the characteristics that define a high performer vary from company to company. What distinguishes a top performer at NVIDIA, LinkedIn, or Microsoft may differ.

Each company is building its unique solution, which requires specific skill sets from its employees. Despite this, most organizations rely on generalizations and cliches of what makes a great team member. Deliberately defining what it means to be a high-performing team member at a company helps its hiring process and creates clarity among employees about their performance. Companies should define what constitutes unacceptable, acceptable, and high performance at their specific company.

At Flexpa, we prioritize clear expectations for all teammates, who we call Flexpals, and believe in a transparent, informed approach to hiring, promotion, and retention. We refuse to accept the status quo of hiring and promoting being left to chance or improvisation. Below are our values and anti-values.

Our Values:

  • πŸ›’ Put the Shopping Cart Back: We understand our business and fill in where needed, including outside our role or responsibilities. We take pride in stepping up and doing unglamorous but important work, which fuels our sense of what Flexpa needs. We always get the job done.
  • ❀️ Empathy Experts: We prioritize understanding the needs and desires of our users and strive to create products and services that exceed their expectations. We put ourselves in the shoes of our users and seek feedback to continuously improve their experience. We believe that by prioritizing user empathy, we can create meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers and achieve long-term success for Flexpa.
  • 🏝️ Desert Island 1st Picks: We celebrate accountability, collaboration, and continuous learning. We take full ownership of our work, remedy issues, and share learnings while working collaboratively towards achieving Flexpa’s goals despite any roadblocks. Long hours and hard work are made easier because we like working with each other and believe in our mission.
  • 🐊 Alligator Wrestlers: We tackle challenging tasks head-on, prioritize critical thinking to problem-solve and analyze situations, and quickly adapt to new challenges. We add value by making informed decisions and avoiding wasting time on tasks with limited outcomes.
  • πŸƒ Momentum Makers: We band together and see around corners to ensure Flexpa is always moving in the right direction with a sense of urgency, day after day. We keep Flexpa moving forward, especially when presented with a difficult or unexpected challenge. We take pride in producing high-quality work quickly.

Our Anti-Values:

  • πŸ’ Cherry Pickers: Selecting tasks or responsibilities based on personal appeal or inferred importance can hamper team productivity and slow progress. We believe it's vital for Flexpals to embrace a growth mindset, take ownership of their work, and be willing to tackle whatever Flexpa needs to drive success.
  • πŸ‘Ώ Counter Productive Contrarians: Constantly disagreeing without offering any solutions can create a negative work environment and impede collaboration and teamwork. We believe it’s vital for Flexpals to engage in constructive debate with openness, sincerity, and respect rather than simply opposing ideas for the sake of opposition or worrying about sounding smart.
  • 🚧 Barrier Builders: Erecting silos between different functional areas can lead to a lack of communication, decreased collaboration, and slow progress. We believe it's vital for Flexpals to prioritize cross-functional collaboration and communication to break down any barriers or obstacles that may exist.
  • πŸ› οΈ Tool Shedders: Being overly focused on tools and tech to the detriment of actually doing the work you need to do results in not contributing meaningfully to Flexpa’s goals and objectives. We believe it's vital for Flexpals to obsess about solving problems and finding solutions rather than obsessing over tools.
  • πŸ§› Runway Vampires: Not identifying and doing the most important thing that needs to be done results in decreased productivity and a lack of focus on the most important things. We believe it's vital for Flexpals to prioritize using our limited time and resources and always focus on the most important thing.

Flexpa makes working with health data easy for developers. By making it easier for teams to work in health, we can help build a future where everyone can access high-quality and affordable healthcare. We recognize the foundation of our mission begins with our team culture. Above are the traits we seek to reward and those we avoid and resolve.

What makes a great Flexpal is different from what makes someone great at other companies, and we encourage everyone to find the right company for you. We accept that Flexpa may not be the right company for some. But if you think you’d make a great Flexpal, we’re always hiring for that. Apply here.\