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πŸ—£ Communication

We have two guiding principles in our communication:

  1. We like to write things down to remember things and to keep ourselves accountable
  2. Communication styles and tools should be adapted to time/manner/purpose

Different roles at Flexpa require different communication skills but everyone is expected to be good at communicating through writing.

Effective communication enables teams to be productive and aligned. When communication is ineffective teams become frustrated and unproductive.

Some of the principles we follow:

We default to asynchronous, written communication before utilizing other synchronous solutions

  • When communicating through Slack include your β€œask” in the initial message
  • Use screenshots and/or screencasts to provide context (see using the best tool for the job)
  • Prefer bullet point form over long-form paragraphs

We believe in open and transparent communication

  • Internal department meetings are often open invite
  • Everyone is encouraged to read and contribute to the monthly investor updates

Respect the Makers’ vs Managers’ Schedule

  • For makers to be productive they need at least two hours of uninterrupted work. Forcing a context switch during those blocks will cost productivity and is often frustrating to the maker.
  • When scheduling meetings with a maker aim to have the meeting around naturally occurring context switches (e.g. right before/after lunch)