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Flexpa connects applications to identified claims data. Users can effortlessly share claims data with your application in seconds. We’ve created the fastest, simplest, HIPAA compliant method for accessing identified claims data from anyone.

We surround ourselves with excellent people who want to do the best work of their careers.

We're seeking a unique software developer with a deep, esoteric knowledge in healthcare APIs, data, and standards. We're not just looking for relevant work experience – we want someone who has dived into the deep end, possibly having written scratch implementations of healthcare applications or experimented with personal health record apps. Your obsessive personal interest and specialization in healthcare technology means that you would be doing this kind of work even if Flexpa didn't exist.

Who We're Looking For

  • A software developer with a profound understanding, experience, and obsessive interest in healthcare APIs, data, and standards
  • A specialist who can provide unique insights and expertise in healthcare technology to a well-rounded team
  • A naturally curious and empathetic person who is excited about working with Flexpa and refactoring healthcare
  • A gritty person who is excited about working on hard problems at a startup

What We Offer


  • Commit to personal and professional development and growth
  • Engage directly with customers to make sure that we are building something people want
  • Collaborate with product, design, and sales to ensure smooth product development
  • Prioritize time-to-value, velocity, and speed of iteration
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and privacy
  • Craft user-centric experiences by putting yourself in their shoes
  • Write clear, concise, and well-tested code
  • Review pull requests for your teammates and run the code
  • Set clear goals for yourself and commit to them in a group setting
  • Design and build APIs that are a joy to use
  • Write documentation that is a joy to read
  • Participate in incident response management
  • Put the shopping cart back

Skills & Experience

  • Deep, specialized knowledge and experience in healthcare APIs, data, and standards and in particular HL7 FHIR
  • Proficiency, but not necessarily expertise, in TypeScript and functional programming patterns
  • Familiarity with tools in our stack such as Node.js, REST APIs, Fastify, React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, and AWS
  • A history of innovative contributions in healthcare technology
  • A history of shipping

Bonus Points For

  • Experience building APIs as a product
  • DevOps and infrastructure experience
  • Design experience and in particular UI/UX chops
  • Customer support / success experience
  • Familiarity with products like Plaid
  • Previous startup experience

Interview Process

  • Initial screening with the CTO
  • Technical evaluation and work sample review with our developers
  • Product, design, and sales perspective interview
  • Cultural and strategic fit interview with our COO and CEO

Perks & Benefits

  • Comprehensive health plan
  • Home office credit
  • ESOP participation
  • 100% remote position & co-working membership

Want to apply?

Read our FAQ in Hiring for information about compensation, work location, and more.

We hire candidates of any race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital or family status, disability, Veteran status, and any other status.